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Manufacturing and Maintaining services that you will be offered at Digitalshakha:

At Digitalshakha, Our Fleet management customized software that we make for you, puts you in control, giving you every engineered-information you need to boost revenues and cut costs wherever possible. We encourage digital initiatives based on ongoing training and other client challenges.

Product Design and analysis:

At Digitalshakha we offer our customers a full turn-key product design solution. This can include feasibility studies, concept design, detailed design, specification & proposal development, product packaging, prototyping, approvals, testing and low to medium volume manufacturing. All of this within a hampered design process with several commercial models available.

Innovation: Digitalshakha Group offer multi-disciplinary product design and innovation.

Concept Design: Fresh ideas with a global market perspective.

Engineering: Award winning engineering team, with a wealth of experience and a cache of enthusiasm..

Manufacturing: Advanced manufacturing support and low volume production.

Industrial Product Fabrication

Digitalshakha is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, award-winning design and technology consultancy which offers their domestic and international clients a full product commercialization service through Industrial design innovation, engineering and product fabrication. From laboratory research and innovation to production implementation, our integrated innovation teams, supported by engineers and electronics specialists, have the skills and capabilities to deliver novel, market-leading and easy to use products.

Industrial Product Fabrication process is designed so that it can quickly respond to changes in the market whether they may be production of new models of products or fluctuations in the product volume. Its an approach such to fully utilize the high yield of dedicated manufacturing lines (DML) and the flexibility of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS).

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